jan hetfleisch – To be a photojournalist and docutary photographer is not just a profession, it is rather a calling.

Jan Hetfleisch – documentary photographer, photojournalist und Pressefotograf


jan hetfleisch docymentary photographer

Jan Hetfleisch, a documentary photographer and photojournalist with a focus on travel, features, humanitarian crises and conflict, was born in Innsbruck, AUSTRIA in 1977 and is currently based in Innsbruck. Jan has been awarded with the Objektiv-Award, the Austrian Press-Photography-Award powered by APA (Austrian Press Agency) and Canon and has been a finalist (Top 5) at the World Photographic-Cup.  He also has been shortlisted multible times for the Objektiv-Arward. He works as a freelancer and contributor for Getty images. His photos hast been published in international newspapers, magazines and news sites, including Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian,Stern Magazine, CNN, The telegraph, Rollin Stones Magazine and many more.