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Jan Hetfleisch Photojournalist

Conflict between Gaza and IsraelPress photographer, photojournalist, reporter, journalist 

Date of birth: November 7, 1977
Place of birth: Innsbruck /Austria


Hello and welcome to my site! 

To be a photo journalist is not just a profession, it is rather a calling. A photo journalist has the responsibility of a witness who records the events and presents them to the world. My objective has always been to take a look behind the scenes of events and thereby to understand things that remain a secret for many people.

Travelling to various crisis areas of the world has influenced me and I feel the responsibility to draw attention to the suffering of the population. It always amazes me how people can still smile and enjoy the small things in life in situations that are oppressive or life-threatening or even seem to be unreal.

As a reporter, I’m trying to capture the moment in a new light, because photos are a snapshot of history – perhaps a moment that can change much more than you think is possible.

(And history has proven that pictures can be more than what meets the eye.)



MAGNUM photographer ERICH LESSING gives his opinion on the picture: „The Angel of Taksim“

… Jan Hetfleisch has an urge to catch pictures of those who are not in the limelight. He tries to help them through photography. He has not forgotten to believe that photography can help those people. Hetfleisch is a traveller who wants to draw attention to the suffering of others. Therefore we should be grateful to him. We also have to note that the daily newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung publishes his extraordinary images, because this is not easy in times like these.

Magnum-Fotograf Erich Lessing und ich bei der Objektiv-Preisverleihung

Magnum-Fotograf Erich Lessing und ich bei der Objektiv-Preisverleihung

At first you just can see the obvious, only on closer inspection you can find something special. I congratulate Jan Hetfleisch to a very unusual picture. Because we do not know how high above Taksim this picture has been taken, while people were killed on this square and, for sure, in future more people will be. It’s a romantic image, it is art and culture but it also contains a lot of politics. It is a rare image that combines and assumes everything. The art, the culture, and politics – everything is there.

And it is photographically… – please excuse, the critics have not lost a word about photographic quality – and I venture to say as a photographer: It is an image with excellent quality so that foreground, middle ground and background are still very easy to see. Nothing is over-exposed – nothing that underexposed that you only can guess it. You can also see and identify everything. Art and culture, and especially what you cannot see – the political statement – in combination with the photographic performance, make this photo special.

And please, Mr. Hetfleisch – just go on as usual. And watch out if somewhere around bullets fly – you do not necessarily have to stand in the line of fire …


 About me:

Since eight years I work as a press photographer, reporter and journalist for the daily newspaper  Tiroler Tageszeitung. In 2006 I ranked second in the category „Chronicle“ at the  „Objektiv““ – Award, the most important Austrian Photo Prize for press photography of the APA and Canon.

In June 2014 I was able to convince the prestigious jury of the  „Objektiv“  Award. My picture „The Angel of Taksim“  was elected Press Photo of the Year in the category „Art and Culture“. In addition, I am pleased to be nominated in the category „Photo Story“. The photo series about young doctors during the riots in Istanbul in 2013 could get into the top five photo series of the year 2014.

Since I visited the school of photography in Prague and trained for crisis areas in the Austrian Army in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck (course for conflict management – ITPCM), I feel an urge to go to unstable regions (2009 Chad, 2010 and 2011 Afghanistan, 2013 Istanbul, 2013 West Bank, 2013 Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan). Travelling isn´t sensation-seeking for me. My interest is to draw attention to the suffering of people and to be in places where they change history.

Note: All photographs, which can be seen on the homepage „janhetfleisch.com“ were edited minimally. This includes: conversion from colour to black / white, contrast, sharpness, saturation, image section. There have been no retouching or other content falsifying changes. 

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